After several long and arduous years in a cold and lonely cell, the endless prison term has finally drawn to a close. The weary and dispirited inmate can at long last return to his home and family, who have been anxiously awaiting his arrival. Although this may seem like a dream come true, an end to all of this family’s troubles, the reality is quite different.

How is this individual to integrate back into society? Who will grant him the ultimate favor of offering him employment? How can he re-accustom himself to the ups and downs of day to day life after so many years of lonely prison confinement? Dror has the answer to all of these thorny questions.

Our goal at Dror is to make the prisoner’s transition to normal life as smooth and easy as possible. Of course, every individual faces his own unique needs and challenges, and D’ror is prepared to assist each one according to his own specific situation. Dror offers psychological guidance, which is often necessary after one spends a lengthy amount of time imprisoned, isolated from society. Dror will also help the individual find proper employment, in accordance with his skills and experience. B’ezras Hashem, through the involvement and encouragement of Dror, former prison inmates will regain their places in society and once again begin to function as productive members of our community.