Our Update #30

Our Update #30

Our Update #30


The learning in prisons provides stimulation and connection in an otherwise forlorn and dreary cell. Realizing how much the observant inmate benefits from the learning program, and after many meetings and a great deal of effort, the Kollel was finally officially established as part of the BOP program where inmates anywhere can request from their chaplain the learning material. As part of the BOP curriculum, Torah learning is not chore or a task, rather provides and sense of connection and a spiritual boost.


As September time rolled around, ushering in a new school year, some of the unfortunate boys and girls whose fathers would have normally have registered them, were still anxiously waiting for someone to fill the void. Imagine the unfathomable shame of everyone knowing about their father’s situation and on top of that not having a school to attend. Thankfully Dror stepped up to the plate and arranged for all the children to be fully registered for the first day of school.


We wish we wouldn’t have to but sadly, some new families have joined DROR, and so, warm care packages along with a caring welcoming note were distributed to ease the situation and embrace a new broken family.


An informative newsletter with pertinent information and clever advice, knowledge and prevention pointers, was circulated to all those who have signed up at Dinaproject.org.(Click here to read the newsletter) Additionally, videos clips with prevention tips from lawyers who are part of the Dina project were emailed. (Click here to view the video) As part of the Dina project, lawyers have joined the effort and are currently giving of their valuable time and are meeting with people who are seeking guidance.


Dror is honored to welcome Illana Rosen LCSW as part of our team of therapists in our support group program. She is a vital asset assisting families on how to cope with the initial shock and trauma of witnessing a husband and father being arrested. Ms. Rosen along with a team of excellent therapists are meeting the wives in person, providing a calming and professional ear to ease the chaotic situation the women are suddenly finding themselves in.


The long awaited Kosher kitchen established by the NY State is at last up and running. It is a tremendous accomplishment and relief at the same time for all those in need of kosher food. Under the auspices of Dror’ s Board members Abe Eisner & Chaim Freund, Rabbi Steinberg from the OU and Rabbi Gruber, the kitchen was inspected and authorized for kashrus perfection. Plans for cooking Fleishig menus are now in full swing.


We would like to wish our Mazel Tov and best wishes to:
Yossi Shlussel upon the birth of a baby girl.
Lazer Shimon Haltovsky upon the birth of a baby girl.
Shmueli Ungar upon his engagement.
Meny Hoffman for his double Simcha- Bar Mitzvah of his son and birth of a baby girl.
Our esteemed Rav, Rabbi Efraim Stein, upon the engagement of his grandchild and the birth of few grandchildren. May these Simchos bring him continuous strength and health.
Avrumie Klein upon the wedding of his son.
Our dear friend and founder of L’asurim, Chaim Hollander , upon his engagement.
Luzer Duvid Follman upon the engagement of his son.
Zevy Goldring upon the birth of a baby boy. Warmest Mazel Tov wishes to the grandfather, Chaim Kompel.
Moishe Schlussel upon his wedding.
Chilly Binet upon the birth of a baby girl.
Eliezer Neuhaus upon the birth of his first grandchild.
Yitzchok Mechel Moskowitz upon moving into his new home. May his home be filled with Simcha and Mazel.