Our Update #29

Our Update #29

Our Update #29

A Pesach reprieve

This past Chol Hamoed Pesach, Dror provided personal care messages to our extended family, addressing the children with a special outing privilege. Each family was the proud recipient of an extensive colored brochure, highlighting fun filled outings and destinations. Along with the guide, they received a gift card to cover the trip costs, allowing them to rejoice on a well-deserved day trip with those they love.

For each their needs

Pesach is a time of unified efforts, stretching the abilities of every family member. With an absentee father, the pain is acute and the pain is real. It takes herculean strength to usher in a Pesach, exacerbated tenfold with the void of a father figure. Dror has been instrumental in providing personal assistance to those that needed them most. From a family that couldn’t cope with making a first seder alone, to one that ached at being far from their relatives overseas. Dror split the sea all over again, getting a grip on the painful situation of each individual family. Plane tickets were funded, seder expenses were covered, and children experienced the joy of cheirus, if only for a temporary reprieve.

Bringing prevention to the podium: Dina conference

At the Ateres Golda ballroom on May 4th, the Dina conference was one of mutual support and awareness. Thousands gathered with the sole intent of self-prevention on personal and business matters, focusing on the obligation we have to portray a Kiddush Hashem at all times. Dror presented a panel of speakers and roundtable sessions, inspiring the public to be informed about their dealings, their insured possessions and their sensitivity toward others who face incarceration.

The event began with opening remarks from the MC, Menachem Hoffman and with heartwarming words from R’ Ephraim Stein, the Faltishaner Rav and founder of Dror, who highlighted the pain of those behind bars, enlightening the public as to the struggles in facilitating their release, as well as their extremely dire situations. Some of the speakers present included R’ Yosef Paneth, Rav of Meor Hatefillah, R’ Avraham Follman and Zecharia Wexler, as well as law advisory and law advocacy roundtables.

The first roundtable was moderated by Joel Schmidt and included Hon. Peter P. Sweeney, the Kings County Supreme Court Judge, Frank Seddio, head of the Kings County Democratic party, Judge Barry Kamins, a retired criminal law Judge, Murray Richman, Esq. a criminal attorney and Gary P. Jenkins, Executive Deputy Commissioner of the Human Resources Administration. They touched on issues of financial honesty, mortgage and equity, among other topics. They further addressed the issue of ‘accountability for speech and actions’, urging the crowd not to get involved in altercations with public officials.

The second roundtable which was moderated by Joel Wertzberger, included Abraham J. Backenroth, Esq., Business lawyer specializing in Bankruptcy laws, Benjamin Z. Epstein, Esq., Real Estate lawyer and Glenn H. Spiegel, Esq., Real Estate lawyer. They addressed civil and business issues, with relevant information on many matters.
Dina Prevention booklets were distributed to all attendees which contain informational content for all preventative topics in business. Featuring leading professionals and scores of advice, it’s a forum of necessary guidance and an important read.

The Dina event was a source of awakening on a multitude of topics to those present, as well as to the thousands who were third party recipients of the valuable information provided.
Featuring media coverage in many prominent magazines, the feedback is spectacular. It gives the coordinators and speakers a drive to continue their amazing efforts. The topics our attendees requested in the questionnaire are some of what will be featured in upcoming events.

Dror would like to express our true appreciation to Dina board member, Judge David Schmidt (ret.), for being very instrumental in arranging this event.

More Dina Events in the planning

Due to the overwhelming success of Dina’s event at the Boro Park conference, Dror is deep in the midst of preparing subsequent events in Monsey, the Five Towns and in Williamsburg. Dror organizers are reaching out to community activists from each area in an effort to bring these vital sessions to the forefront of every Jewish community. To join and be notified regarding upcoming events in your area, visit dinaproject.org. Dror wants to take this opportune to thank Rabbi Bender from the 5 Towns for generously giving of his time to meet with Dina representatives and committed himself to make every effort in bringing a Dina event to the 5 Towns.

A joint effort: new at Dror

Dror would like to welcome our newest volunteers, those who have been inspired at the Dina event to step forward and help the families of Dror. We thank you on behalf of our Volunteer Coordinator, Yanky Einhorn, as well as on behalf of the entire team and extended family at Dror.

Women’s Retreat -Working Wonders on Wives of the Incarcerated

Lives of the wives of those in prison are far from the mundane. Having to shoulder the shared burden of starring the roles of both parental figures, these women are overburdened and daunted with additional stress of having their life partner behind bars. Hence, Dror treated these women to a ’24 hr. Women’s Retreat’ at the magnificent resort of Keren V’Yoel Moshe in Monroe, New York. Prior to the getaway, Dror ensured all necessary arrangements were made, including babysitting services, to ensure that each woman would be able to attend.

Upon arrival, the women were ushered into a luxurious ambiance and were treated with royalty; experiencing immediate transformation into relaxation by being treated to desperately needed massage sessions which provided instant rejuvenation. Thanks to a dear couple, Mr. & Mrs. Lianado, who graciously traveled out to share an intriguing crafting session, which surely provided a unique hands-on experience and a gift to grace their Shabbos tables. A lavish gourmet dinner was followed by inspiring words by the keynote speaker, Dr. David Lieberman, who also availed himself to address these women’s questions and concerns. Famous composer and singer, Hadassah Nammi captured the audience by revealing her incredible life’s journey from Christianity to Jewry. The exhilarating evening ended on a high-note with a concert by a women’s band and a reverberating kumzitz led by the talented Brocha Cohen, who had every women belt out her heart in song and camaraderie.

Morning’s scrumptious and elegant breakfast buffet spread and ensuing yoga classes was a refreshing boon for these women accustomed to waking up each morning to face their daily challenges. The day’s program ensued with painting classes and a divine, warm lunch accompanied by a hilarious comedy performance. The recharge’s venue was purposely situated in close proximity to Otisville’s Correctional Facility for the convenience of the wives whose husbands are confined at the Otisville locale, driving them back and forth for an easier and stress-free visit. The departure was accompanied by a rare treat of a visit to the Tzion of the Satmar Rebbe, where the women’s unified tefillos surely evoked Rachmei Shamayim.

It is opportune to make mention and express appreciation to a few individuals and enterprises that benevolently contributed to the success of the women’s retreat:

• Mr. Ari Roth of White Glove for setting the glamorous tone of the event. From the aesthetic décor to the artistically presented dishes and magnificent tea room – every detail of the event was planned, designed and presented to perfection.
• As always, our close friends from Stems came through with their decorative touch which truly enhanced the event.
• Taste n’ Toast’s delectable cuisine outfitted the breakfast buffet with a lavish variety of gourmet salads, rolls, spreads, hot food, beverages and mouthwatering dairy cakes and desserts.
• The renowned organization Yedidim from Monroe, NY, for assisting with the fantastic entertainment at the event.
• The beloved comedian Mrs. Knobloch who lifted the spirits of the attendees – her wisdom and wit were a resounding hit.

The event’s success can poignantly be portrayed via the appreciation of those in attendance. In the words of Mrs. B.: “Thank you so much for the incredible overnight Retreat you provided for us. The goal, you said, was to Revive, Refresh, Rejuvenate – and you greatly succeeded and exceeded in your goal! During the retreat, I already started to feel so much better and I came home in such a good mood. We had so much fun, from the massages, to the comedy, to the delicious meals, crafts, speakers, music and more! I literally couldn’t wait to get up in the morning to see what the day’s program would be. I was as excited as a kid in camp. Thank you so much for all your care, for making us feel special, for understanding our sadness and all you do to make our lives so much more enjoyable. It’s a tremendous chessed to provide all these opportunities for the wives to meet and talk and spend a wonderful time together. May Hashem repay you all for all your tremendous chessed. With sincere appreciation, Mrs. B.”

And to quote another grateful attendee: “Like always…It was amazing!! So grateful to have an organization like Dror that makes an effort to organize and coordinate an overnight trip for us! You covered all the details…making us feel pampered and special!”

If all the rivers were ink..

There wouldn’t adequately be enough to ascribe on paper the pain of a family whose loved one is incarcerated. To ease their plight and to offer a glimmer of hope, Dror’r team of proficient writers assist these families in penning their pain on paper by writing letters to the appropriate authorities depicting their everyday struggles with the hope of receiving some prison leniencies in return.

Cruise Benefiting Incarcerated Jews

Dor is ‘making waves’ Tuesday, July 19th by inviting woman on board the luxurious Atlantis Yacht to an enthralling evening on a cruise featuring a gourmet dinner by White Glove, a spectacular concert by the one and only Chana’le and premiering a Miriam Handler comedy production ‘Match Breakers.” For reservations call 718-218-5190 or email cruiseJuly19@gmail.com.

On Wednesday, July 20th, Dror welcomes all men aboard the exquisite yacht to an electrifying evening “Amidst the Ocean,” starring the world-renowned badchan, Velvel Feldman, Legendery composer and singer Yossi Green and the Yiddish Nachas Choir, with a special guest star appearance by Michoel Shnitzler. A Five-star gourmet buffet will be served and a team of attorney’s will be on board to answer your questions. For reservations call 718-218-5190 or email cruiseJuly20@gmail.com.

Mazel Tov mentions

Mazel tov to Mayer Fischel upon the marriage of his daughter.
Mazel tov to Moshe Schlussel upon his engagement.
Mazel Tov to Shia Usher Weissblum upon the birth of his son.
Mazel Tov to Menachem Melamed upon the birth of his son.