Family Support


Through its various support programs, Dror sees to it that families with an incarcerated member don’t always spend their time alone. Once a year, we host an inspiring weekend retreat, a shabbbaton, for the families of the incarcerated. Electrifying speeches infuse the adults with much-needed strength and support which lasts for a long time thereafter, while the kids enjoy a grand time partaking in an outstanding program tailored to their emotional needs. Our holiday outings provide a sense of freedom and joy to these families that may have fallen into a sad emotional state. Various outings for girls and boys throughout the year help put smiles on faces that usually frown due to the pain and loneliness. Broken hearts are mended with encouragement instilled and hope renewed.

Dror facilitates a weekly women’s phone support group as well as text support groups for women of incarcerated husbands to join together and lend support to one another.

The trauma of having a father in jail can have damaging effects on the children. Proper therapy plays a key role in maintaining the confidence and happiness of the innocent ones. Dror discreetly foots the heavy bills with the knowledge that without emotional guidance, children will fall far behind socially, academically and psychologically.

Before the start of the summer, Dror volunteers spend a day taking the children shopping for camp. This is done to afford them a normal childhood not unlike that of their peers.