Emergency Hotline


The world turns black to one taken into custody. Mountains of dreadful questions linger unanswered in the shattered mind within the gloomy cell; questions that no one seems to have answers to. Dror operates a 24-hour emergency hotline with a dedicated team of trained representatives who are available to respond in any time of crisis. Victims can call 855- dror-911 at any time. Since this hotline went live, numerous frantic calls swarm in at all hours of the day – proof to the dire necessity of such a crucial hotline. Painful questions, yes. But with professional, concise responses the burden becomes easier to carry.

Once the case has been brought to the attention of Dror, an experienced attorney will sit down with the family to listen to their story and guide them through the painful ordeal. Dror’s legal aids will do all they can to get the victim out on bail. They will provide the victims with all religious needs i.e. Kosher Food, Prayer Books…

Dror’s sole goal is to lend a hand, mend a heart, and assist such families from beginning to end.